Hi Bubble Fans,

Today’s event was absolutely fantastic, so where were we? We were fortunate enough to receive an invite from Triple M to join them at the bottom of the food court Marion for 11 hours! We were privileged enough to run live events in a shopping centre! we have never had such an amazing response from families and children. It is quite safe to say that we had well and truly over five hundred kids ranging from 4-10 years of age get in our suits and play some Bubble Sports! It was so very enjoyable to be a part of this event. Note: We had plenty of teenagers and even adults get in the suits which really got the crowd roaring from both floor 1 and floor 2 (food court) all eyes watching

One of the highlights of day for me was surveying the kids after each event, we decided to ask as many kids as possible whether they had fun and I always received such an extactic YES! and very frequently we would receive thank you’s with a big grin! Making a child happy is absolutely priceless and brings joy to us. Thank you Triple M/Marion and all bubble participants on the day.


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