Have a question about playing Bubble Soccer, check out our FAQ. If you can’t find an answer please drop us a shout.

Definitely not, the rules of bubble soccer are far simpler, there is one objective and that is to get the ball in the goals, all other rules are thrown out the window, it is really all about having fun. We also play red rover and bubble wrestling as well as any other type of games that you suggest!

You can make payment using bank transfer (details on our invoices), by Mastercard and Visa or of course good ol’ cash.

Absolutely! We can do a combination booking matched to your requirements.

We have a mix of mobile operators. Our Bubble Sports Operators are a mobile service who can travel to Parks, Ovals, Reserves and organised Indoor or Outdoor Sports Fields/Courts near you.

We have two different bubble sizes, our small bubbles are perfect for children aged 3-12.  The larger bubbles are great for children over 10 and adults. As long as you are fit and healthy you should have no problems participating in Bubble Sports’ activities!

If you can wear a backpack then you can play bubble soccer. The hardest part is keeping an eye out for your ‘friends’ knocking you down!

We are happy to play in all conditions; however, we do respect our customers best interests, if you wish to cancel your event due to unforeseen weather we will happily refund, no deposit will be held.

As with all sports, there is an inherent risk of injury. We hold $20m public liability cover to ensure we can run our events. It is a requirement from our insurance provider to ensure all customers sign a waiver to participate. It is our number one priority to run our events as safe as possible. We achieve this by cleaning our suits and checking for damaged straps or punctures before each and every event. In addition, we provide group introductions to explain the rules and how to safely put on and use your bubble.

For private events and parties the minimum may vary between our locations. Please contact your closest Bubble Sports provider for more details.


Each location occasionally holds events where you don’t need a group of 10. Head to the Facebook page of your closest location and subscribe to upcoming events to stay informed of the next event. Alternatively get down to one of our warehouse locations.

All our equipment is custom designed to safely work together. Therefore, only Bubble Sports equipment can be used.

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