Bubble Sports is the ultimate Bucks Party idea!

You might call it a Bux Night, Bachelor Party, Stag Do or Bucks Party. Fortunately we don’t mind – we know what you mean and how to run an awesome event!

We’ll get you and your mates into bubbles to play “soccer” – well, the type of soccer with limited rules, a lot of bumping, more rolling and no fouls. We’ll even film it for you, so every time one of your mates is talking from whence the sun doesn’t shine you can show them a video of them getting rolled.. literally!

But don’t take our word for it, bump this over to the best man (sorry, we couldn’t resist) and you’ll see what makes Bubble Sports the best Bucks Party idea in Sydney ever!

Easy to plan

Planning a Bucks Party can feel like being up a creek with no paddle. So we handle everything, all you need to do is turn up.

Get in contact with us, give us the time, place and approximate numbers and we’ll take over from there. We’ll handle the organisational side of your event, keeping you updated the entire way.

Bucks Party Venues

We have loads of locations around Sydney including the Northern Beaches, Western and Eastern Suburbs and the Sutherland-shire – so we help by suggesting venues if you don’t already have one in mind. Choosing Bubble Sports for your Bucks Party means you’ll get the event that you wanted with minimal fuss.

Did we mention that we don’t charge any fees for doing the leg work either?

Flexible to your plans

Leading up to your wedding day there are hundreds of decisions to make.. what colours flowers for the corsages, who’s going to sit next to who, what will the first song be, what’s a corsage? But the Bucks Party is no time for things like this..

On this day IMPORTANT decisions need to be made, often with life-threatening consequences. Where are the beers, who’s got the rum, what pub are we going to next, how many people are playing Bubble Sports?

We can’t help you with all of those but we can usually accommodate for changes to the numbers at short notice as we know you won’t get the exact numbers until the last minute!

We are fully mobile, meaning we set up at an area close to where you plan to spend the rest of the day and night. Which translates to “we’ll come and set up Bubble Sports at a pub near you”.


It’s not every day that a mate is getting married and it’s also not every day that you can run full speed at a mate, drop a shoulder into the hit, send them flying and have them stand up again, let alone stand up while laughing. Mix these together and it’s obvious what makes Bubble Sports a unique and great idea for a Bucks Party in Sydney.

We’ve got a heap of games to keep everyone entertained and also a set of special games to “congratulate” the Buck on this fantastic milestone.

It’s more than just soccer!


While all the chaos is happening, our rep ensures that everything is up to the highest level of safety.

We definitely won’t stop you doing anything that’s within the rules, like laying into the Buck when he’s looking in a different direction and of course being rowdy and unruly is to be expected (and encouraged)!

But that said, we do have a few safety rules and, in addition to introducing and running the games, our rep will make sure they’re followed so you’ll be able to continue the Bucks Party into the evening and early hours of the morning!

A Bucks Party with Bubble Sports means

Hassle free booking

No hidden fees

Tailored-to-you event

All equipment included

Friendly and professional rep

A memorable experience

Pricing and enquiries

Pricing starts at $45 per bubble for a 1 hour event. Note that you can share bubbles – no, not literally… we mean take turns, you just don’t have to have one each.. but you can if you want.

Check out pricing and group options on the Sydney location page.

So what’re you waiting for?

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