• Bubble Sports representative will arrive at your chosen location 1 to 2 hours (Depending on number of suits) before your event to check the available of the requested park/oval, clean the area of sharp dangerous obstacles that may threaten both the participants and suits, inflate and set up your playing field prior to the requested start time.
  • Upon arrival of your group our representative will run you through the safety procedure and organise/referee the activities i.e. Bubble Soccer, Bubble Red Rover, King of the Ring Wrestling, Rolling Races, General free time, amongst all of these activities our rep will keep a eye out for the safety of all participants.
  • To finish off the event we will clean up, deflate and pack away all equipment provided to ensure that no mess is left at the park/oval/venue.


Ten Suit 1 Hour Bundle

$450inc GST
  • Event Host
  • Goals/Balls/Cones
  • Suggested players: 10-20
  • Extra Bubble Suit + $20

Ten Suit 2 Hour Bundle

$600inc GST
  • Event Host
  • Goals/Balls/Cones
  • Suggested players: 15-30
  • Extra Bubble Suit + $30

Ten Suit 3 Hour Bundle

$720inc GST
  • Event Host
  • Goals/Balls/Cones
  • Suggested players: 25-45
  • Extra Bubble Suit + $40

Ten Suit 4 Hour Bundle

$840inc GST
  • Event Host
  • Goals/Balls/Cones
  • Suggested players: 30-60
  • Extra Bubble Suit + $50

Custom Package

  • Not sure what you need?
  • We’re flexible
  • Give us a call
  • 1300 949 444


We are the operators of choice for Bubble Soccer in Adelaide. We pride ourselves in great customer service and the highest quality equipment.

The newest and most exciting competitive game to come to Adelaide! Bubble Soccer is a mobile and flexible activity that can be brought to you anywhere! From public events to your own private events, we can bring the action to you in all sorts of venues, including ovals, parks, fields, gyms, halls, you name it we will be there.

We are commonly asked where we can host events, as a general rule of thumb for a 10 suit event we need a nice green patch of grass 10×20 metres and for a 20 suit event about 20×30 metres.

1300 949 444
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY



We love sharing videos and photos of our events. We also use our social media channels to publish our latest offers and events in Adelaide. For a great way to stay informed check out our social media pages.


Check out our FAQ to answer questions like does it hurt, what’s included, where can we play and how much room is required.

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